Growth Groups at KHC are now forming! The goal of Koerner Heights Growth Groups is to: equip individuals and families toward Christ-Centerdness. Each group will have a different emphasis but operate with the same framework. You are invited to join one of these groups, or indicate a desire for a different type of group you would like to see formed. Please contact the church office to sign up or get connected with the Growth Group coordinator.

Each Growth Group will operate within the framework of:

Engaging with Scripture through…

  • Study
  • Life Application

Engaging with Each Other through….

  • Sharing
  • Prayer

Engaging with Others through…

  • Service
  • Sharing Christ


Here’s how each group envisions working out that framework:

Marriage Enrichment: studying the book, Love and Respect – Led by Russ Claassen
Learn more about God’s design for yourself, your spouse and your marriage as we dive into Ephesians 5:33 and Dr. Eggerichs’ book, Love and Respect for a Lifetime. Come prepared to be encouraged, challenged and have your marriage strengthened. Group members will need to obtain a copy of the book, read several chapters (approx 50 pgs) prior to each gathering and be prepared to discuss what you’ve read and how it applies to you as individuals and as a couple. Group members will decide together how they can best serve our community through what they learn through this study.

Building Lasting Relationships Across Generations  – Led by Richard & Amy Duerksen
– Objective: To build meaningful and interactive relationships across generational groups – Acts 2: 44 & 46.
– Schedule: We will meet one Sunday per month for 2 to 4 hours for 12 months. Meeting length will be flexible to accommodate a wide range of activities.
– Meeting Format: Every meeting will include:
– Biblical learning – Directed scripture based discussion.
– Interactive activities – Craft projects, Games, Outdoor events.
– Casual meal/snack fellowship time.
– Sharing and prayer time.
– Spontaneous acts of service to other members of the group such as, child care, handyman help, gifts of meals, treats, etc, Senior visits
– Acts of service as a group such as, church maintenance/improvement projects, Para-church organization projects, MCC/MBMS projects.

Becoming a Healthy Disciple –Led by Pastor Tim & Judy Mace
Bible lessons and personal application from Becoming a Healthy Disciple: 10 Traits of a Healthy Disciple, by Steven Macchia.

– Group members will need to purchase a copy of the book and read a chapter before each meeting.
– We’ll meet every other week.
– Sharing and Praying with each other about the assignments
– Missional Activities such as preparing your testimony, praying for people to come to Christ, and outreach events

A Discussion of a Podcast – Facilitator to be determined by group
-to meet during the Discipleship Hour twice a month

A Discussion of recent sermons –Led by Arlen & Clara Regier
Growth from recent messages, the scriptures used, and how it applies to our lives as we share love, acceptance and generosity with each other and others.

A “5K” group (AKA, a group interacting with each other through physical activity – not only running – then meeting for scripture, sharing, prayer…) – Led by Tim & Mary Ellen Hodge